Illustrated Talks

From the Tyne to the Solent
(Running time: 1 hr 30 minutes)

Inspired as a young boy by my beloved Northumberland Coast, the seabirds and seals of the Farne Islands and the uplands of the Lake District, North Yorkshire and Scotland, I have always held a passion for wildlife, wild landscapes and nature conservation.

My career with wildlife, spanning over 37 years, has taken me around Britain, working for high profile organisations such as The National Trust, RSPB, WWT and Essex Wildlife Trust with trips to projects in Canada, Kazakhstan and Africa and has led to my own wildlife tourism and consultancy business, Natural Links, based on the Isle of Wight.

Wild-Isle: The Wildlife of Wight
(Running time: 1 hr 30 minutes)

From the spectacular coastlines to the chalkland downs and the wetlands and woodlands, the Isle of Wight is rich in wildlife habitats. With one of the only populations of red squirrels in southern England and home to the rare glanville fritillary butterfly and starlet sea anenome , it is quite unique.

It is a bird-watchers paradise, with thousands of wildfowl and waders overwintering, nightingales, nightjars and bitterns breeding and a hotspot for spring and autumn migration, with regular rarities. With seabirds and cetaceans in the surrounding seas, it truly is a Wild-Isle.

Natural Links